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What's 'In-The-Box'?

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Harrison's XT-TG Tom Gate

Regular Price $29

XT-TG Tom Gate $9 USD

The XT-TG tom gate has the unique ability to learn the sound of your tom drums and discriminate against the sound of the spill. This plug-in is part of the XTools for Mixbus plug-in series for the Harrison Mixbus DAW.

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15 Harrison Plugis! The Mother of all Bundles (MOAB)

Get every Harrison LV2 plugin (DAW not included)! The Essentials Bundle (GVerb+, Micro Glide, Dyno-Mite, 3D Triple Delay), XT-DS, XT-EQ, XT-ME, XT-MC, XT-SC, XT-LC, XT-EG, XT-TG, Character Bundle (Drum Character, Bass Character, Vocal Character) See all the plugins here.

(Does not include AVA or third party plugins. LV2 plugins work primilarly in Mixbus and Mixbus32C)

Regularly $361